About us

Over the last decade we have played an integral part in the development of thermoplastic products for the education and leisure sectors. We pride ourselves on an uncompromised approach to customer excellence, demanding the highest standards in quality of service and product.

Our reputation for exceptional products, and customer focus, has seen the demand from the industry to launch Spelplakkers, a brand dedicated to the supply of thermoplastic markings to the trade.

Working with us

As a Spelplakkers customer you will find that our service does not end with the delivery of a quality product; we will always be on hand to offer our support, and work in partnership with you to develop a range of products that will continue to exceed your expectations. Thermoplastic markings are a staple of playgrounds in schools and nurseries across the country, helping to promote healthy outdoor activities and education.

All our products are specifically designed with the end customer in mind, meaning we can offer a number of benefits that cannot be matched by our, often more expensive, competitors. Thermoplastics are our speciality, and we know that the flexibility and variation to the patterns and shapes that can be created using our products are second to none. At Spelplakkers we strive to deliver only the highest quality products and service at a price the customer will always value.

Product Guarantee

All thermoplastic supplied comes with a 3 year guarantee against manufacturer defects in accordance with our terms and conditions. We do not accept any responsibility for issues caused by incorrect installation of our products.


Our thermoplastic has been tested for slip resistance in accordance with BS 7188 and received results of:

  • Slider 96 (Designed to represent walking bare foot) Dry: 69 Wet: 63
  • Slider 55 (Designed to represent walking with a standard rubber soled shoe) Dry: 100 Wet: 84
  • Reference BS7188:1998+A2:2009- “The minimum slip resistance measured on any specimen, in any direction of test, under either wet or dry conditions, shall not be less than 40.